chinese visa:

Which is the best return shipping option?

How to - Visa Form & Application , 12-19-2017

Answer: We highly recommend using FedEx as carrier and using 2Day shipping. It is a solid balance between security and cost unless you require Overnight. As passport is one of your most important documents, we suggest you prioritize security over cost. Each family or group usually only require purchase of one return shipping unless all passports and documents do not fit in one envelope You do not need to provide an envelope if you purchase return shipping through us. If you wish to use a ……

Original Passport

Our Experiences , 12-19-2017

Occasionally we will have customers that mail in all documents except their original passports thinking a copy of their passport will be enough. Applying for visas require sending in original passports, no exceptions. Do not make this mistake and cause delays in your application.

Packages that require signatures

Our Experiences , 12-19-2017

Sometimes there are delays in processing visas when you send documents to us that require a signature for delivery. This is due to our staff having left for the consulate and are not at the office to sign for delivery. We recommend that you waive signature requirements for deliveries.

Tight timing – flight delayed

Our Experiences , 12-19-2017

A customer had 7 days to process a visa. We recommended Express service with FedEx overnight shipping but customer declined. The application was delayed by a day due to missing flight tickets. The customer also wanted to use their prepaid envelope. We contacted the customer to upgrade to overnight shipping, however, the customer did not want to pay for the upgrade and insisted that if the visa came out on Monday, it would arrive to them on time. We mailed it out per customer's request using thei……

Outdated visa application form

Our Experiences , 12-19-2017

Every visa applicant must have one visa application form, and it must be the most up-to-date version. Old version of forms obtained elsewhere will need to be redone and will cause the submission of your application to be delayed until we receive the new form. Make sure all your forms are downloaded from our website.

How should I mail my application?

How to - Visa Form & Application , 12-19-2017

Answer: The choice is entirely up to you. Please be noted that some of our offices may use different addresses to receive FedExm UPS and USPS shipments. We prefer and recommend to use FedEx, as in our experience it is more reliable in timing and tracking. They are far more easier to communicate with should anything happen during shipment.

Can you process visas for Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan?

General FAQs , 12-19-2017

Answer: Yes, for Hong Kong. However, US citizens do NOT need visa to visit Hong Kong, Macao, or Taiwan.

What services are provided?

General FAQs , 12-19-2017

Answer: We are mainly serving US citizens for visas to China as an agent.

How can I know if my visa application is okay?

After Applying , 12-19-2017

Answer: Once we receive your application, our office will go over your form and supporting documents . If any additional documents or corrections needed, we will work with you to rectify any mistakes and obtain all necessary documents. If you do not hear from us after we have received your application, it is safe to assume that your application is ok and has been submitted for processing. Applications are submitted to the Chinese Consulate on the following business day. Sometimes no news ……

Which regional Chinese Consulate do I apply to?

Before Applying , 12-19-2017

Answer: We serve all applicants in all 50 US states. After placing an order, our system will send you a document checklist and the mailing address to the office you will mail your application