Why do I need two blank visa pages to apply for Chinese visa?

How to - Visa Form & Application , 2019-05-24

Answer: The visa is affixed to pages in your passport marked for visa stamps, and it is required that visa stamps to be placed on those pages do not contain any other stamps.

I don’t see 10 years option on the application form. What do I do?

How to - Visa Form & Application , 2019-05-17

Answer: In Section 2.2 of Form V.2013, please check "Other, please specify" then type "10 years multiple entries". Please note that it is likely to get 10 years but it is not 100% guaranteed. You first have to make sure the visa type you are applying for is eligible for 10 years, i.e., Tourist (L), Business (M). The final decision is at the discretion of the Chinese Consulate. CEV is not part of the decision making process.

Which is the best return shipping option?

How to - Visa Form & Application , 2017-12-19

Answer: We highly recommend using FedEx as carrier and using 2Day shipping. It is a solid balance between security and cost unless you require Overnight. As passport is one of your most important documents, we suggest you prioritize security over cost. Each family or group usually only require purchase of one return shipping unless all passports and documents do not fit in one envelope You do not need to provide an envelope if you purchase return shipping through us. If you wish to use a ……

How should I mail my application?

How to - Visa Form & Application , 2017-12-19

Answer: The choice is entirely up to you. Please be noted that some of our offices may use different addresses to receive FedExm UPS and USPS shipments. We prefer and recommend to use FedEx, as in our experience it is more reliable in timing and tracking. They are far more easier to communicate with should anything happen during shipment.

Which supporting documents will I need to submit?

How to - Visa Form & Application , 2017-12-11

Answer: You will receive a document checklist after placing your order. As long as you follow our checklist, your application will go smoothly. 

Should I apply online or manually?

How to - Visa Form & Application , 2017-12-08

Answer: It is highly recommended that you apply online. It is easier to apply through the website. You will also be provided order updates through e-mails and you can track your order yourself at any time. You must provide a valid e-mail address as well as retain a copy of your Order Numer for order tracking.