How should I send you my application?

General FAQs , 2019-05-29

We recommend to use shipping services that provides a tracking number. Any courier can provide these such as USPS, FedEx or UPS, etc. Please do not mail your application using an envelope with postal stamps.

Is it guaranteed I will get 10 year Chinese visa?

General FAQs , 2019-05-28

Answer: Even though US and Canadian passport holders are eligible for 10 year visa, it is not guaranteed it will be granted. There are circumstances under which the Chinese Consulate is reluctant to grant 10 years which can be any of the following: your passport does not have at least 12 months validity or 2 blank visa pages left; you are applying for visa type that is not eligible for 10 years; you have requested for duration of stay that is longer than usual; your profession is in a sensitive……

Why do I need two blank visa pages to apply for Chinese visa?

How to - Visa Form & Application , 2019-05-24

Answer: The visa is affixed to pages in your passport marked for visa stamps, and it is required that visa stamps to be placed on those pages do not contain any other stamps.

How many days can I stay in China for each entry? Can I extend my stay in China while I am still in the country?

General FAQs , 2019-05-20

Answer: Chinese visa such as Tourist or Business multiple entry are usually issued 30 or 60 days for each entry. If you need to stay longer while you are in China, please contact the local Public Security Bureau to file for an extension. Whatever you do, DO NOT OVERSTAY.

I don’t see 10 years option on the application form. What do I do?

How to - Visa Form & Application , 2019-05-17

Answer: In Section 2.2 of Form V.2013, please check "Other, please specify" then type "10 years multiple entries". Please note that it is likely to get 10 years but it is not 100% guaranteed. You first have to make sure the visa type you are applying for is eligible for 10 years, i.e., Tourist (L), Business (M). The final decision is at the discretion of the Chinese Consulate. CEV is not part of the decision making process.

How to apply for 10 years Chinese visa?

General FAQs , 2019-05-16

Answer: Currently, only US and Canadian passport holders can apply for 10 years multiple entries for certain visa types. Eligible visa types are Tourist (L), Business (M),Visitor (Q2) or Private (S2) visa. Approval is at the discretion of the Chinese Consulate. CEV is not part of the decision making.

Do I need a visa to visit China?

General FAQs , 2019-05-15

Answer: Yes, US and Canadian citizens traveling to mainland China require a visa to enter. A visa needs to be obtained before traveling. A visa is not required if you are traveling to Hong Kong or Macau.

I need help with the website, where can I get technical support?

General FAQs , 2017-12-22

Answer: Please email us with any technical questions. Our team will look into your issue and find the best possible solution for you.

Can I request a refund?

General FAQs , 2017-12-22

Answer: Yes, your can request a refund. We only refund the Consular fee, not our service fee. For more details, please visit our Terms & Conditions.

Where can I get a receipt?

General FAQs , 2017-12-22

Answer: Your order is your receipt. Until you receive your passport and visa, your Order ID will be very important as it will be used to track your application's progress.