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Upon your arrival in China, you will need to complete the Arrival Card and hand it over to the immigration officer. The officer will keep your Arrival Card and you will keep the Departure Card until you leave the country. Try not to lose your card. In the chance that you do, you will be able to obtain a new one at the airport.

Sample of China Immigration Card:

On the back of the immigration card, you will see an important notice.

#1 states that any foreigners who will not be staying at a hotel, hostel or guesthouse, must register their arrival within 24 hours (72 hours in rural areas) at the nearest local police station. So if you are staying with a friend or relative, either you or your host will have to register your arrival. You will be given a form to fill out and they will ask for your passport, copies of the page containing your personal information, visa and entry stamp. If you are staying in a hotel, the staff will take care of the registration upon check-in.

#2 states any foreigners holding a work (Z) or student (X) visa will need to visit the local Public Security Bureau within 30 days of entry. The visa will be replaced with a Chinese residence permit.



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