Before Applying:

How to Obtain Certificate of Existence from Georgia for Use in China

Before Applying,Our Experiences , 06-25-2020

Certificate of Existence also known as Certificate of Good Standing can be requested online through Georgia Corporations Division website. After you have submitted your request, you will receive your Certificate of Existence electronically. You will then print the certificate and send it to the Secretary of State's office for state authentication.

Important: Business Documents from Washington State for Use in China

Before Applying,Our Experiences , 06-23-2020

If you need to have a business document from Washington State authenticated to use in China, you must obtain certified copies or certificates from Washington Secretary of State-Corporations Division. During the request process for certified copies or certificate, you must request for authentication for use in China at the same time. Any documents that have left the SoS office for more than 30 days cannot be regressed and you must make an entirely new request if the document was not authenticate……

Translated Document Authentication for Use in China

Before Applying,General FAQs , 06-18-2020

If a document you are having authenticated has been translated, you may be required to submit a Certificate of Translation also known as Certificate of Accuracy with your application. You will also need a photocopy of the translator's ID (driver's license) and their business card. Please contact the translator to obtain these documents. Please email us to check whether it will be required for your authentication or have any questions. Sample: 

When should I start applying for a Chinese visa?

Before Applying , 07-31-2019

Answer: We recommend to begin the application process between 30 to 45 days before your intended date of entry into China. There is no need to apply beyond 3 months in advance as the validity of the visa starts from the date the visa is issued.

Which regional Chinese Consulate do I apply to?

Before Applying , 12-19-2017

Answer: We serve all applicants in all 50 US states. After placing an order, our system will send you a document checklist and the mailing address to the office you will mail your application

Will the application process be affected by holidays?

Before Applying , 12-19-2017

Answer: Yes. The Chinese embassies are closed on most major US and Chinese holidays. We recommend visiting the website for your region's Chinese Consulate to check for holiday closings. Other closings may also occur for certain circumstances such as special event at China Embassy / Consulates, severe weather, and other unexpected events.

How long will it take to process a visa application?

Before Applying , 12-19-2017

Answer: You have to add up the number of days accordingly. 1. Shipping time to our office. 2. Application processing by the embassy: Regular 4-5 days; Express 2-3 days 3. Shipping back to you It can take anywhere from 4-14 days, excluding any delays. The number of days it takes to receive your visa will depend on your selections for processing, shipping and type of visa.

Are there any hidden costs?

Before Applying , 12-19-2017

Answer: There are no hidden costs. However, there are options to meet your needs and may come with an additional fee. We want to satisfy every customer to the best of our abilities.

Should I apply online or manually?

Before Applying , 12-08-2017

Answer: It is highly recommended that you apply online. It is easier to apply through the website. You will also be provided order updates through e-mails and you can track your order yourself at any time. You must provide a valid e-mail address as well as retain a copy of your Order Numer for order tracking.