Chinese Work (Z) Visa Application Requirements

Chinese Work (Z) visa is required for those who are traveling to work in China. A Chinese government issued working permit or employment license is required. Z visa is usually issued for single entry and the maximum number of days allowed will be later determined. An individual that holds a Work (Z) visa should enter China within 90 days after the visa has been issued and must register at local public security bureau within 30 days of arrival. A Chinese Residence Permit will be issued to replace Z visa to allow multiple entries for one year. The requirements for Work (Z) visa are detailed below.

Do not staple any of the documents together. The Consulate will reject all stapled applications. Paperclips may be used.

1: Original Passport Plus a Photocopy of the Name Page

Certain Non-US passport holders cannot apply for a visa through third parties or are blocked entry to China: we recommend to send an email inquiry or wait for Consulate announcements.

2: Your Visa Application Form

Proceed to

Complete the application online, print it out, and sign it. Do not fill out this application by hand. Do not use digital signatures. All fields must be completed. If a section does not apply to you, type in “None” or “N/A.” Once the form is completed, do not click on continue. Click on Save and provide us with the application number and passport number.

Your application form must be reviewed by us before you submit online. You will not be able to make changes after submitting.

3: One Recent Passport Photo

Please see: Chinese Visa Photo requirements

4: Address Verification

5: Notification of Work Permit

Sample of Chinese Work Permit:

7: Where You Stay From

8: Payment

Basic Visa Package or Express Visa Package (Suspended)

You have the option to include your own prepaid label with your application or purchase from our website. Please see Shipping.

9: Additional Requirements For Each Consulate

Main requirements for Chinese visa are usually the same across the Chinese Consulates, however, there are some certain requirements for each Chinese Consulate. Please visit Additional Requirements Based on Jurisdiction to see if any of the listed rules apply to you.