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China Immigration Card Explained

After Applying , 08-22-2019

Upon your arrival in China, you will need to complete the Arrival Card and hand it over to the immigration officer. The officer will keep your Arrival Card and you will keep the Departure Card until you leave the country. Try not to lose your card. In the chance that you do, you will be able to obtain a new one at the airport. Sample of China Immigration Card: On the back of the immigration card, you will see an important notice. #1 states that any foreigners who will not be……

Can I cancel my application after it’s been mailed?

After Applying , 12-19-2017

Answer: It is possible to cancel your application as long as it is before it has been sent to the Consulate for processing. Email our customer care for more information. Return policy applies. Our service fee and shipping fee are not refundable.

How do I upgrade shipping?

After Applying , 12-19-2017

Answer: It is possible to upgrade shipping as long as it is before the completion date or before we ship your passport. Please contact our customer service.

How can I know if my visa application is okay?

After Applying , 12-19-2017

Answer: Once we receive your application, our office will go over your form and supporting documents . If any additional documents or corrections needed, we will work with you to rectify any mistakes and obtain all necessary documents. If you do not hear from us after we have received your application, it is safe to assume that your application is ok and has been submitted for processing. Applications are submitted to the Chinese Consulate on the following business day. Sometimes no news ……

How do I track my order?

After Applying , 12-08-2017

Answer: You can track your order through the e-mail updates that are sent to your provided e-mail address. You can also track your order on the web site. Please be aware that later afternoon or weekend orders may not appear in the system until the next business day.