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If you were to apply directly at the Chinese Consulate or Embassy, you might encounter the following:

1.) Having to research the requirements and documents necessary for your visa application.

2.) Spend money on travel to the Chinese Consulate or Embassy.

3.) Arrive early to stand for hours in line to obtain a ticket to submit your application.

4.) If your application and documents are all correct, they will accept your application. If not, you will have to leave and repeat the process.

5.) Submit fee for visa.

6.) After successfully submitting your application, you will receive a slip to pick up your passport.

7.) You will have to travel back to pick up your passport on the date of pickup, missing valuable time from home or work.

8.) You will have to stand in line to obtain a ticket to hand in your pickup slip for your passport.

What paying our service fee can do for you:

A.) Receive consultation with one of our experts. We will go through with you on what you will need to submit. Advise on how to fill out your application form. Answer all of your questions.

B.) Thoroughly checking your application and documents upon receipt. If there is something missing or wrong, we will contact you immediately to make corrections.

C.) Our staff will submit and pay the visa fee on your behalf so you do not have to waste your time or travel expenses to the Embassy.

D.) If your application gets returned or rejected for some reason, we can contact you immediately and work with you to correcting the problem.

Last Update Date:6-27-2019

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