Chinese Consulate Authentication for Use in China

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How to authenticate document for use in China?

For a document originating in the US to be used in China , the Chinese Consulate or Embassy must authenticate the document. China is not a member of Hague Apostille Convention, therefore Apostille will not be accepted. The documents must first be notarized (if applicable), authenticated by the Secretary of State, then authenticated by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate as the final step.

The Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulate will verify Secretary of State’s authentication. After verification, the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General will affix a Chinese Consulate authentication seal and signature to the document. Your document is approved and authorized for use in China.

Sample of Consulate authentication sticker:

How to prepare Chinese Consulate authentication?

1.) Fill out Consulate Legalization Application Form (G1 form) on your computer. The form must be typed in capitalized letters, printed out and signed in both places in Section 8.

2.) Prepare your supporting documents. Each document authentication needs their own photocopy of supporting documents.

Personal documents

Passport copy of the applicant is required. If you do not have a passport, other IDs may be accepted. Please check with us.


  • If you are authenticating a marriage certificate, passport copies of both parties are required.
  • If you are authenticating a birth certificate, passport copies of both parents and child are required.


Business documents

Passport copy of the legal representative on the application form and photocopy of business filing/evidence are required.

Such as:

  • Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Formation, etc.
  • California commercial document authentication needs to provide Statement of Information as business evidence.


Important: Passport photocopies must include top and bottom pages. 

CEV provides bundled services that include State US Department of State and Chinese Consulate authentications or Chinese Consulate authentication only. Processing times vary depending on location and type of service. If you are on a time constraint, it may be faster to do the State authentication yourself. We also provide document translation plus 3 level authentication at our Los Angeles office.

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