Our Experiences:

Tight timing – flight delayed

Our Experiences , 12-19-2017

A customer had 7 days to process a visa. We recommended Express service with FedEx overnight shipping but customer declined. The application was delayed by a day due to missing flight tickets. The customer also wanted to use their prepaid envelope. We contacted the customer to upgrade to overnight shipping, however, the customer did not want to pay for the upgrade and insisted that if the visa came out on Monday, it would arrive to them on time. We mailed it out per customer's request using thei……

Handwritten application forms

Our Experiences , 12-19-2017

Application forms must be typed by computer. Only certain areas can be handwritten. Application form must also be signed. Handwritten application forms cannot be used and will cause the submission of your application to be delayed until we receive a new properly filled out form.

Outdated visa application form

Our Experiences , 12-19-2017

Every visa applicant must have one visa application form, and it must be the most up-to-date version. Old version of forms obtained elsewhere will need to be redone and will cause the submission of your application to be delayed until we receive the new form. Make sure all your forms are downloaded from our website.

Why use ChinaEntryVisa.net?

Our Experiences , 12-08-2017

Answer: A customer wanted to save money by mailing their application directly to the Chinese Consulate General. Their application was rejected and returned. As a result, the customer had to mail their documents twice, delayed their application by two weeks, and the cost was more than doubled. Obtaining a Chinese Visa can be time-consuming and confusing - you can rest easy knowing that we will be doing the work for you and will do the best we can to obtain your visa in a timely manner. ……