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A customer had 7 days to process a visa. We recommended Express service with FedEx overnight shipping but customer declined. The application was delayed by a day due to missing flight tickets. The customer also wanted to use their prepaid envelope. We contacted the customer to upgrade to overnight shipping, however, the customer did not want to pay for the upgrade and insisted that if the visa came out on Monday, it would arrive to them on time. We mailed it out per customer’s request using their prepaid envelope.

We received an email a few days later from the customer stating their visa had not been delivered to them and caused them to miss their flight. It costed the customer $300 in airline penalties.

This would not happen if the customer had followed any of our recommendations.

We always tell customers to give several extra days in case of delays whether it is during shipments or processing of the visa. If we suggest to upgrade shipping speed, it is best to follow our recommendation as we do not want customers to miss flights. Paying an extra $20 and receiving your passport on time is much better than having to pay $300+ in airline penalties to change or rebook flights.


Last Update Date:12-19-2017

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