How to Authenticate a No Criminal Record for Use in China

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How to authenticate a background check for use in China?

For individuals looking to work in China, a no criminal record check will be required to obtain a work permit. Like any document to be used in China, it must be authenticated by the Chinese Consulate or Chinese Embassy. While some employers in China will accept a local police or state background check, FBI background reports are more widely accepted. Please check with your employer which type of background check will be sufficient.

How to obtain a no criminal record for use in China?

In order to obtain a background check, you must contact one of the following: Local Police, County Sheriff’s Office, State Department of Justice or Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

For local background checks, please go to your local police or county sheriff’s office where you currently reside or last residence in the US to make your request.

For state level background checks, please contact the state police or Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) located in your state to conduct a state criminal records search.

The no criminal record report should be signed by a relevant official and notarized. If the report is signed by a state appointed office and the Secretary of State office is able to directly certify the signature, then notarization can be skipped.

For FBI background checks, please visit this link for further details: FBI Background Check for Use in China

Samples (click to enlarge):
Local Police

County Sheriff


NJ Attorney General

I have my no criminal record, what is the next step?

After you have received your no criminal record, you will proceed to Secretary of State Authentication.

If your no criminal record is issued from the following states, you will require further authentication by the US Department of State:

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