Birth Certificate Authentication for Use in China

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How to authenticate birth certificate for use in China?

Birth certificates issued in the US must be authenticated by the Chinese Consulate or the Chinese Embassy in order to be used in China. China is not a member of Hague Apostille Convention, therefore Apostille will not be accepted. The birth certificate will first require authentication by the Secretary of State, then authenticated by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate as the last step.

How to obtain birth certificate for use in China?

You will need to request a certified birth certificate from the vital record office or department located in the state where your child was born. The certificate should be visually similar to the original certificate.

Note: New York requires a Letter of Exemplification to be issued along with the birth certificate if you are to use the document internationally (click here for more details). Please check with your state’s regulations if a similar requirement exists.

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I have obtained my certified birth certificate, what is the next step?

You may proceed to Secretary of State authentication.

If your certificate is issued from the following states, further authentication by the US Department of State is required.


Last Update Date:6-23-2020

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