How to Notarize a Diploma for Use in China

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How to authenticate a diploma for use in China?

The first step in authenticating a document for use in China starts with notarization. You can choose to authenticate the original diploma or a certified copy, also known as true copy. We recommend to have a certified copy authenticated to avoid damage or loss to your original. You must contact your school’s office of Registrar for a certified copy. This step can also be used for TESOL, TEFL and transcripts.

How to notarize a diploma?

A diploma or any academic records such as TEFL, TESOL or school transcript should be notarized in the state where it originated. The document must be notarized with two separate statements: a declaration and an acknowledgement.

A notary public cannot simply sign and apply a seal to a diploma. The Chinese Consulate regularly rejects diplomas solely bearing a notary’s statement. The declaration statement should be from the school registrar and the acknowledgement must be from the notary public. Both statements can be printed, typed or stamped on either the front or back side, or on a separate paper attached to the diploma.

*Certain states require a County Clerk to certify the notary’s signature. Please check with your state’s requirements before proceeding to next steps.

Samples (click to enlarge):

I have received my certified diploma, what is the next step?

After notarization is completed, you can proceed to Secretary of State authentication.

If your diploma or academic record is issued from the following states, you will require further authentication by the US Department of State:

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