Guide to Filling Out Authentication Application Form (For Personal Documents)

The form must be typed and filled out on computer in all capitalized English, print single sided then signed by hand. Handwritten forms will not be accepted.

Section 1: Input your information. Home and Employer address and phone number must be based in the US.

Section 2: Leave blank.

Section 3: List type of document that needs authentication. If your document type is not listed, please check Other: Please Specify and input what type of document.

Section 4: List what your document will be used for, i.e., if you are using the document to apply for visa, then check Visa. Destination of legalization refers to which city in China you will be using the document, i.e., Beijing, China.

Section 5:  For supporting documents, list the primary document you are having authenticated and your proof of identification, usually passport copy. So if you are having a marriage certificate authenticated, you would write “marriage certificate and passport photocopy”. Copies refers to how many copies of the same document you need authenticated. Each copy will require a fee. Most people only do one copy.

Section 6: Unless you paid for expedited service, please check Regular service.

Section 7: Leave blank except if you are applying through Consulate in San Francisco or DC; Please ask our staff for more information.

Section 8: Signature and date on both lines. Signature must be by hand. Digital signatures are not allowed.