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Issued to those who intend to go to China as a tourist

Standard Requirements for All Tourist Visas

1.) Applicant’s Passport: Original passport must be undamaged and valid for a minimum of another 6 months.

2.) Visa Application Form: Proceed to

Complete the application online, print it out, and sign it. Do not fill out this application by hand. Do not use digital signatures. All fields must be completed. If a section does not apply to you, type in “None” or “N/A.” Once the form is completed, do not click on continue. Click on Save and provide us with the application number and passport number for review.

3.) Photo: One clear, front view colored passport type photo. The background of photos must be white with no shadows over the face or background. Must be professionally taken within the last 6 months. Starting 2017, photo standards have become more strict. See photo requirements. Photos are often rejected when requirements are not met. New photos will be required if current photo is rejected.

4.) Itinerary: Copy of round-trip flight tickets or detailed reservation for your trip. Details must include applicant’s name, flight numbers, arrival/departure dates and reservation code provided by airline/cruise company.

5.) Hotel Confirmation: Copy of hotel reservations for all hotels you will be staying at during your visit.

6.) Personal Invitation: If visiting friends or family, you must provide a letter of invitation from the host in China. The letter should be address to the “Consulate of China, Visa Section.” The letter must be signed by the host.

The letter must contain the following:
• Personal information of the applicant: Name, gender, date of birth, and passport details.
• Details of the visit: Dates, purpose, places to visit, and places of accommodation.
• Details of the inviting party: Name, address, phone number, and relationship to the applicant.

You will also need to provide a copy of the host’s Chinese permanent residence permit (both front and back sides). If the host is not a Chinese citizen, copies of their China residence permit and their passport’s data pages are required.

If visiting family member who is working in China, a letter from the Chinese company (on company letterhead) confirming the worker’s status in China and stating that he/she will be responsible for the family members’ living arrangements and expenses.

7.) Where You Stay Form: Click Here to download and complete

8.) Copy of Photo ID: Copy of driver’s license or state ID of the applicant.

9.) Copy of Previous Chinese Visa: If you have obtained a Chinese visa before, a copy of the previous visa is required. If your passport was renewed, copy from former passport.

Additional Requirements for Non-US Citizens

Proof of Legal Stay: A legal document proving long term stay in the US. Item can be green card, H or TN/TD work visa, foreign student I-20 form, etc. Documents may be a notarized copy (every page must be copied), otherwise original will be required.

Additional Requirements for Minors

Application Form: Application form must be signed by both parents.
Birth certificate: A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate.
Parents’ Passports: A copy of the data pages of both parents’ signed passports.

When applying for a child with Chinese parents, the applicant must also provide proof of parents’ status in the United States.

Additional Requirements for Applicants Born in China, Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan

Chinese Name: The applicant’s name written in Chinese characters.
Proof of Name Change: If the applicant’s name has changed since birth, please provide a copy of the court order or marriage certificate showing the name change.
Previous Visa: Copy of a previously issued Chinese visa or copy of the data page from your Chinese, Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwanese passport. NOTE: If your old passport has not been canceled, you will be required to submit the original passport with your application.

Additional Requirements for Adopted Chinese Applicants

Chinese Passport: Applicant’s ORIGINAL Chinese passport.
Proof of Name Change: If the applicant’s name has changed since birth, please provide a copy of the court order or marriage certificate showing the name change.
Parents’ Passports: Clear passport information page copies of both American parents.
Certificate of Adoption: A notarized certificate of adoption.
Birth Certificate: A copy of applicant’s birth certificate (usually from U.S).

Information for Applicants of Tibetan Origin

You must make a personal appearance at the Chinese Visa Application Service Center to process your visa if you are a person of Tibetan origin. The Visa Application Service Center will require additional documents in order to process your visa and CEV is unable to assist in these procedures.

Persons with Media Related Occupations

If you are a media professional or employed by a media company, even if you are not traveling for business purposes, you must submit a letter from your employer on company letterhead indicating that you are not traveling on company business and will not be performing any media related work.

Last Update Date:9-26-2023

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